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Jan 16, 2013 8:00pm PST
film shows the c.i.a. has angelic kind of characters. lastly i think if they would have depicted waterboarding and torture as we did it, and as it was pointed out as we did it would have been clinical and hospital-like city with medical technicians and a guerney. you can't have a heroic movie that depicts it as it actually happened. >> cenk: that's interesting. glenn, you've been a critic of the movie and kathryn bigelow said, sharply on the facts and on the intelligence and doubtless that debate will continue. is that accurate, and after having watched the movie are any of your concerns allayed? >> nobody has a lower opinion of "zero dark thirty" and of kathryn bigelow than i have. i think the movie is it horrendous on every level even sin matcally it's a ridiculous film. given that i'm shocked about how transparent idiotic and absurd her defense of this film. what she said is what she has been saying everywhere she goes, as michael said, to depict torture is not to endorse it. of course we have to include it in the film since agrees it happened. not a single person has objected
Jan 4, 2013 4:00pm PST
didn't see that coming. it's insanity. lastly we go to the republicans on hurricane sandy. >> yes, the bill that did not make it out of congress which drove christie and other members of congressing to crazy $9.7 billion was approveed of the $60 billion they were asking for. what is amazing who voted against it. 67 people, all republicans. first of all paul ryan, you'll remember him. he ran for vice president this year. this is paul ryan who has voted for unfunded wars. paul ryan who has voted for tax cuts for the rich voted against the sandy relief package. stephen palas iszzo. this is what he had to say about it. some of the counties in the fourth congressional district have been the hardest hit by isaac. we cannot thank them enough for the support. he's from biloxi and he votes against it. >> cenk: this proves my point on the republican party. they have no principle whatsoever. it's me, me, me. if i need the money like the wall street needed the money then they need a billout. new york and new jersey, i don't give a damn about them. >> sam graves, this is after flooding in miss
Jan 30, 2013 4:00pm PST
weapons lastly ownedlegally owned by civilians. and in australia ownership has grown dramatically. >> cenk: what is the bottom line of what actually could get past here and would be a reasonable legislation. >> i hear what you hear, and i think those three components that we talked about are reasonable. but i'm not sure that we're going to see an assault weapons ban make it through the current house of representatives. i think that if you limit the capacity of the magazine, then that is in a sense--if you only have ten rounds, it doesn't matter where it's coming out of, it's ten rounds. when you change the magazine you give seem time to flee or fight back. we're talking about how to move the argument forward reasonably. >> do you own a weapon now? >> i do. >> how many? >> three. >> cenk: i don't believe in owning guns. but you do, and you think three is enough, and you don't need an all the weapon. richard, final questions goes to you. why did you start your own group? what is wrong with the nra. >> well, i don't know what is wrong with the nra. i know that our organization, the i
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)